Welcome to Arnold Outdoor.
Outdoor Advertising in Oklahoma Since 2000.

Why Outdoor Advertising?

  • It’s big, it’s bold and it demands attention
  • Outdoor ads are the most cost effective form of advertising available – lowest cost per thousand
  • Outdoor advertising allows businesses to target specific geographic areas – minimizing wasted exposure
  • No other type of advertising is displayed 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Outdoor advertising reaches the audience while they are in the marketplace
  • The effectiveness of billboard ads increase over time as motorist pass the ad multiple times per day or week
  • Fills the gaps left by other forms of advertising
  • Billboards do not write negative articles or newscasts about your business or industry
  • Standard media for most forms of Co-op advertising support

Why Choose Arnold Outdoor?

  • Unlike the big guys, we want your business and will go the extra mile to make sure that you not only place an ad with us, but remain a long-term customer
  • Arnold Outdoor’s structures are built, designed and positioned to achieve maximum results for our clients
  • Arnold Outdoor’s structures are built with the latest single pole design and are positioned in high traffic areas
  • Arnold Outdoor provides graphic design assistance
  • In most cases, your ads can be quickly placed within 1 week of contract execution
  • Our availability extends across the state. View our availability here.

Lease Your Land

Interested in making money from your land?

Learn more here or get in touch with Arnold Outdoor and we’ll show you how.

Event/Short-Term Advertising

Promoting a show or event?

Arnold Outdoor offers a 30-day campaign with 10-25 junior poster billboards and posters.

A 30-day campaign with Arnold Outdoor has the potential to reach 250,000 vehicles daily!

Contact us to learn more about our short-term advertising availability.